UK Online Casinos: The New Age Of Gambling

The gambling industry has been growing globally with no signs of slowing down in recent years. With a tremendous promise of profits for the economy, the UKGC has updated its policies and restrictions to ensure a more tightly run ship. UK online casinos can expect a crackdown on new restrictions from the UK Gambling Commission to up the standard of online gambling, creating a less vulnerable and safer environment for all. 

The online casino industry has improved drastically since 2005, when the Gambling Act was first introduced, strengthening security from a digital perspective. Then in 2007, the UK online casino sector improved even further with the establishment of the UKGC.

There is no doubt that the implantation of regulations has improved the game, but without wasting any more time, let’s take a further look at the new age of gambling at UK online casinos, as well as the change in requirements for all UKGC license holders, and what player can expect. 

What Are The Changes Players Will See At UK Online Casinos 

With the introduction of the gambling action and the creation of the UKGC, it’s evident that online gambling in the UK would see a considerable rise in demand. The regulations that have to be adhered to are extensive, but each requirement makes UK online casinos more desirable to the player. 

The new requirements were implemented with the same objective, to improve the standard of the overall performance of UK online casinos. The regulations that have tightened fall into the category of gamble functionality and include the welcoming of rules such as the limit of spins speeds, permanent ban on features that speed up play performance, and any features that celebrate losses as wins. On top of this, all UK licensed online casinos will have to display the player’s total losses or wins clearly. These updated regulations will need to be fully implemented by 31 October 2021.

These refreshed requirements are directed at slot games, which make up an estimated 70% of online casino games, while also holding the title s the game that makes up the highest average of losses per player of all online gambling games. 

The last two changes made are the ban on the reverse of a withdrawal request. This rule will stop UK players from re gambling what they had previously requested to withdraw, which will allow for an ease in the risk of gambling, allowing for greater protection of the players. Gamblers can also expect a rise in the age requirement for the national UK lottery, as well as a ban on the use of credit cards. 

If Not Slots, Then What?

UK online casinos

Slots have been put on a pedestal for years now, and since the rise in demand for online casinos, it seems to have picked up its place, but by looking at what the UKGC has to say, slots are one of the games with the highest average of losses per player. What does this mean? Well, it means that a player experience more losses on average than wins, but what this doesn’t say is the player’s size of their wager, the size of the losses, nor the sizes of the winnings versus the losses. 

In 2019, UK online casino players spent an estimated £2.2bn on online slot games. This accounted for 15% of these types of games in the worldwide market. This is another reason for implementing the upgraded regulations. They help to curb the addictive nature, giving gamblers more of a chance to take control of their returns. 

If not slots, then what? Well, with the ease of accessibility thanks to the freedom of online gambling. UK players now have the choice of endless game options. Most UK online casinos provide their players with an average of 4 different categories. The most popular categories are table games, poker, live dealers, and slots.

If you are looking to broaden your gambling horizon, give Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat a chance. These games are known for their high return to player rate (RTP) and enjoyable ways of winning. So tighten up on your skillset, and be sure to have luck on your side because these games are the perfect combination of both. 

The Way Forward For UKGC Licensed Casinos 

With the industry expanding daily, players’ choices are growing just as quickly. This brings online users an equal if not an exaggerated version of the time-old land-based casinos. The UKGC paves the way to a successful online experience for all UK players. This makes the transition from land-based to online that much easier. So be sure to start your journey with the most pleasurable online gambling platforms by getting signed up for a top-class experience. Then, be sure to check out the top UK online casinos on the site to make sure you do not miss a beat. 


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