Famous UK Gamblers

For almost as long as civilization has been around, so has some form of gambling. There has been evidence from the writings of Greek poet Sophocles that dice was used to gamble in ancient Greece as early as 500 BC. There is further evidence to suggest that the Egyptians were partaking in gambling activities as early as 3000 BC, with a pair of dice being discovered in an ancient tomb. These discoveries, along with those of various other countries, show us that man has always taken an interest in the excitement of betting. While steeped in history, gambling was not a novelty, and in fact, has only progressed with the advent of online banking, online gambling, and the creation of evermore exciting games. These days, people are now flocking to land-based casinos to spin the wheel or throw the dice. They are gambling online from the comfort of their own homes.

Famous UK Gamblers

It is no secret that the UK loves to gamble. UK players are gambling more now than ever, generating an annual industry total of £14.3 billion. While most of these players are like you and me, there are an exceptional few that have made history as some of the most famous gamblers in the UK. Throughout the periods, there have been some incredible stories of luck, cunning, and skill when it comes to UK gamblers hitting it big, although there have also been some stories of failure, compulsive habits, and huge losses. 

John Montagu (1718-1792)

John Montagu

Montagu is an interesting story. He was a British statesman and held the title of 4th Earl of Sandwich. Montagu was rumored to have a dark side which included partaking in some less than proper activities, one of which was compulsive gambling. Montagu was said to spend so many hours gambling cards at a table that he did not want to leave the table to eat meals. He would order his servants to bring him slices of bread with meat in-between the slices to curb his hunger, all the while continuing to gamble. This was the birth of what we now know today as the sandwich! While Montagu is not necessarily famous for winning while gambling, he most certainly did a lot of it and became famous for it through the invention of the sandwich.

Joseph Jagger (1830 – 1892)

Joseph Jagger

Jagger has arguably one of the most famous gambling wins in UK history. He was a textile worker that ventured to open his own textile business. His experience and knowledge of the spinning wheel in textile led him to believe that the Roulette wheel used in gambling would never rotate with perfect symmetry. Armed with this knowledge, he went to the famous Monte Carlo Casino, and over a period of a few days, he managed to win £80,000 playing Roulette which in today’s money equates to over £7.5 million.

Charles James Fox (1749 – 1806)

Charles James Fox

Fox is undoubtedly one of the most famous UK gamblers to have ever lived, although he is not remembered for his big wins but rather his huge losses and bankruptcy. Fox was the UK State of Foreign Affairs Secretary for 20 years, but despite his honorable position and stead in society, he was a compulsive gambler, drinker, and womanizer. Fox managed to rack up some big wins, but his compulsive gambling behavior was his ultimate demise when he suddenly lost £200,000. His finances took a massive strain, and he landed up declaring bankruptcy twice.

Terry Ramsden (1952 – present)

Terry Ramsden

Moving into the more modern age, Ramsden’s career in gambling is an interesting one because he managed to use his low-stake horse race winnings to invest in and start a business. He was not a wealthy man and so had to create his luck. He did off the back of his gambling winnings by starting the business he managed to become a successful and wealthy entrepreneur. Although Ramsden did not directly make his money from gambling, he most certainly used his early winnings in a way that made him highly successful today.

Harry Findlay (1962 – present)

Famous UK Gamblers : Harry Findlay

In 2017 Findlay wrote an autobiography about his love for gambling and betting, particularly on horse racing. He claims to have won over £20 million but has also claimed to have spent it all over the period of his gambling career. His career accurately depicts the volatility of gambling, having some incredible highs and some devastating lows.

Tony Bloom (1970 – present)

Famous UK Gamblers : Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is one of the UK’s most successful gamblers to date. He is a rather secretive chap and has kept his wealth and earnings as private as possible. Bloom is a poker player and has competed in the World Poker Series and other high-profile poker events around the world. Bloom’s earnings from his poker days run into the millions, and he has since invested in gambling websites and property, making him a billionaire. 

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